What your website should do for You

I have been to presentations by Stasia in the past and always enjoyed her perspective. I found this summary of what a site should do and really could not say it better than she does so take a look below and fast forward if you need to skim it.

My key point is stay focused on the results you want and remember there is a lot of work to do in developing a website that produces additional leads and profit for your company. There are many specilist companies that can do great web design, but they do not do good SEO. Some companies do great SEO for a particular industry but do not understand yours. What companies need to know and do is have a wholeistic approach to how to get found and all the various ways to get found. Content, pictures, key words, concepts to explain, FAQ's link building and pay per click are all options that need to be considered every step of the way and tested. I have talked to many companies as a peer and when they say we just design sites some one else does the SEO than you have to wonder if they are including the code that enhances the SEO effort.

A generalist

You need some one in the mix that has the overall knowledge of how everyting works and what the ranking factors are and how the site can do what you need it to do for you. That is they type of service i provide for small to medium business to be found.