Landscape, industrial and personal pictures are the types of pictures I tend to take. I am not one to do posed personal photographer rather candids or business type of photography.  The other types of photography that have been my focus are on commercial photography. Doing commercial photography is an art form that is focused on objects that do not move and there is time to get the best view of the item to tell a story about a product, service or display what a company is. Having done some of this to produce brochures it is very different from doing event photography.

Below are links to a wedding that I have done just to demonstrate that personal photography is not totally outside of what I can do but more importantly we do work with others that are outstanding in that type of work.

360 Degree Photography

A picture is said to be worth a 1,000 words and that would be a 90 degree photo. So when a 360 photo is viewed it could be argued that being 360 degrees and 4 times more data then you get a value of 4,000 words. On top of that I believe that a photograph that a person actually interacts with gives them a better view but also interaction with the picture is going to be more memerable.