Why people are hard to photograph and video

Self Image

Doing some still photography and being an older male I do not do a lot of personal photography that is staged. It is not something I am good at since pulling out a persons personality is not my thing. Doing photography of people that is candids and not staged is of interest and geat fun. Much of my interest has been in Nature photography based on my training in Horticulture and having a father that alway took great plant pictures. Just eems to be a treand. With objects it is easier to work around to get the best look lighting ect and not have to work around the personality also.

I found this video in watching a video on better analytics on a website. In the conversation with Avinash Kaushik he pointed out the Dove video and how it is speaking to the potential Dove customer about there feelings and how they interact with a camera or video. This video works in that it has almost 19,000,000 views. The competitors that push there TV adds onto youtube have viewers at around 6,000 viewers. Now this is impressive.

The point is Internet Marketing is different

No matter what thing a person is trying to say on the internet who would not love to have or generate this kind of traffic? So I have posted this because it says something to me on trying to photograph and video people and also about the viewers on the internet. Hope you enjoy it

Hope you enjoy it and this certainly can be an inspiration for doing better video's and better video marketing.