Software I utilize

Tools to provide particular tasks can be really powerfull to do any number of things. Most of what I use is for website development, graphics, brochure creation, video production, photographic enhancement and editing.

Adobe Creative Cloud

This suite of products is most of the software that Adobe has produces for website production, video, and print literature. The power and feature set is an ongoing effort to learn how to get results that will help communicate ideas and images. A list of the primary ones I use are;

  • Dreamweaver Develop more web content
  • Joomla Content Management Software for web development
  • Fireworks a versatile program for creating, editing, and optimizing web graphics for fast loading sites.
  • Photoshop Photo editing to make incredible images real
  • InDesign page layouts for print and digital publishing
  • Illustrator create vector graphics and illustrations.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Video production and editing.
  • After Effects Cinematic visual effects and motion graphics
  • Microsoft Office Access and excell
  • Capture NX2

Tools to preform tasks that need to get done and done right.