What is Street View?

Google is working to provide to all searchers a better idea of a location prior to visiting that location. It provides searchers with a richer search experiance and gives a company that uses the system well the ability to put their best foot forward or atleast an accurate portrayal of what the company is and what service or product it provides. With lots of pictures, reviews, video a luxury hotel will look luxurious and a local Pizza place will look like what it is. Small and informal or fancy you get to see it

Street View is self guided tour of a location

Street View Trusted photographers produce 360 degree photos that are connected to Googles Streetview and are different in the are for a specific location that extends the street view technology inside a business so that the same self guided tour of a company and its facilities.

Use Streetview to set your self appart

People are searching with Google all the time. I am continually amazed at the amount of traffic for different kinds of locations. A combination gas station and repair facility gets well over 1,000 views a month. A chinese take out resturant gets 1,200 views. The point is when a customer or potential customer is looking for what your business does you want to capture as much of the traffic as you can. Or your competitor will.

Promoting a business has certainly changed and is continueing to shift. The yellow pages are long gone, local newspapers are hardly relevant, direct mail is hard to target, TV is expensive and hard to target. All are good options and need to be tried to see what works for you. There are a whole range of online options such as e-mail, search engine optimization, pay per click, website design, an alphabet soup of social media, video, local search optimization, content creation, competative analysis and data analysis. When people search for your type of company and location what comes up? How do you look compaired to others. Put your best foot forward but make sure the public sees your business.

We can help with a wide range of services to boost your current online presence. As you run your buisnesss and deal with the day to day challanges we can help support or create a plan to be found online and capture as much of the traffic that is looking everyday for information. For more information call 203-906-6079